Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bringing the heat

We have unseasonable high temperatures here in San Diego this week. Our normal 67 degree weather has been replaced with hot dry 90 degree days. Despite the heat, the rain we had a week ago has spared the landscape from disaster. 
We don't have an irrigation system, so if I don't have the time to stand and water for an hour or two, the plants go without water for a week or more. Its a bit of balancing act making sure we get out there and water before damage is done.

 I love the Centaurea gymnocarpa "Velvet Centurea" I picked up from Annie's Annuals last year.

Annie's Annuals
I now use it as my water indicator plant. When it gets really hot and or dry it starts to droop its leaves just a bit and reminds me to water. It never drys out completely though and as soon as I water it pops right back up and looks fabulous again. Love this plant and can't wait to see it bloom!

The protea seem to be enjoying the weather we have been having. One week its cold and rainy and the next its hot and dry. All the plants I got from Resendiz Brothers Protea more than a year ago are now bursting with new buds.

All the one year old protea seedlings are starting to look good. None are showing signs of blooms yet but all have fresh growth which is promising. Right now they are in the shade house because I lost so many when they dried out and burnt in the full sun spot I had put them. I wasn't able to water as often back then so I will soon transition them back into more sun so they can grow better. 

The rest of the garden is also looking splendid. Aeoniums which have been overlooked and ignored all year are getting their time in the spotlight as they all burst into bloom.

My newest addition is a Psoralea pinnata “Kool-Aid Bush”. 

The local college propagates these, but they sell faster than they grow. They are usually sold out long before I get there.  This time they had five so I was able to pick out the best looking one. Since moving up to a five gallon size I swear its grown a third of its size in a week and the BLOOMS!!! The flowers have an aroma very much like grape soda or Kool-Aid. Its another wonder from South Africa, no wonder I like this plant.
It doesn't look like much yet but soon this will be a towering beauty
They grow up to 12 feet tall and it just so happens that Annie's Annuals also carries them here

And for your viewing pleasure: 
More of whats blooming in the garden today....
Dendrobium speciosum

Asclepias curassavica

Salvia grown from cuttings- only six months old

Why you shouldn't grow leucadendrons near shade.
This branch started growing towards the porch then reversed course and started heading back towards the sun creating a corkscrew branch. This was my first intro into the world of protea and I planted it before I knew they needed sun. The plant has established itself and seems to grows fine so rather than risk loosing it by transplanting I have opted to let it stay. Because of the shade it stays a brilliant light green color that pops in the landscape.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

What can you get from an impromptu portrait session?

Emily Fisk and Rose show how with just the right light and time
we can make beautiful images.

These were created just after Rose was shown in the Pierce College Parade of Breeds.
Rose still needed a work out so I jumped in the arena to take some portraits of the two.

It was later in the afternoon so the sun was getting low and producing lovely shadows and a wonderful orange glow that made Rose's mane glimmer.

While this isn't an action shot,
I love the way Rose is standing just as she is transitioning from a stop. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

CCI3* Show Jumping at Galway Downs

Sunday at Galway Downs was truly spectacular. The weather was a little chilly in the morning but the sun kept us warm throughout the day. It was a great backdrop for the climactic finish of the CCI3* division. The day started out with horse inspections then the CCI1* and CCI2* had their time in the Show Jumping arena and we had a very nice crowd built up by the time the CCI3* riders started walking the arena.

Crabo Wins First CCI3* At Galway Downs International Three-Day Event

Barbara Crabo rode Eveready II to victory in the CCI3* at the Galway Downs International Three-Day Event, scoring 53.2 penalties. Her faultless show jumping round pushed her to the top when leader Buck Davidson lowered one rail with Copper Beech to finish second (54.0). Maya Black and Doesn’t Play Fair finished third (59.2).

For Crabo, of Scottsdale, Ariz., Galway Downs was her first victory in a CCI3*, and for it she received a check for $7,000.

Davidson, one of the country’s most accomplished riders in the country, said he didn’t feel the pressure of being the last rider in the warm-up ring or notice the hush that came over the crowd as he entered the ring. “I’m fortunate that I’m in that situation a lot. It never crossed my mind that I was going to hit a rail. I knew Barb was going to jump clean, and it never crossed my mind that I wouldn’t.

But it depends on the day—at [the Fair Hill CCI in Maryland two weeks ago] I had four clears and hit a lot of rails. And today I hit one. But he had the best three phases he’s ever had this weekend,” added Davidson, of Riegelsville, Pa.

Below and above images
3rd place Maya Black and Doesn't Play Fair

4th place Coal Creek and Lizzie Snow

Above and below

5th place Bonner Carpenter and Basco

6th place Jordan Linstedt and Revitavet Capato

7th place John Michael and Durr Esprit De La Danse

8th place Andrea Baxter and Indy 500

9th place Jennifer McFall and High Times

Image above and below
10th place Angela Grzywinski and Novelle

11th place Anna Collier and Gleaming Road

12th place Mackenna Shea and Landioso

13th place Gina Miles and S.V.R. Ron

14th place David Acord and Reins for Justice

14th place David Acord and Reins for Justice