Tuesday, July 29, 2014

$40,000 Racing Festival Grand Prix

On Saturday evening I decided to browse through a listing of events in San Diego for Sunday. I wanted to try seeing something new and amongst the advertisements for tango classes and whale watching tours I saw a small listing for the $40,000 Racing Festival Grand Prix. When I realized horses were involved I knew I had to go! I always love watching the rare specials on the television for horse jumping and dressage but this is the first time attending an event in person. Now that I have found out these happen often I think I will start attending more. This was a ton of fun to shoot and the four hours I was there flew by like nothing.

Zandor - Luis Alejandro Plasencia

Candela - Patricio Pasquel

ZZ Top - Alejandro Vizcaino

Nick des Hayettes Z - Alejandro Vizcaino

Charielle - Rodrigo Lambre - Mario Onate

Spirit Magic - Manuel Alvarez

So much fun and to many great jump shots to choose from! My only regret is that I didn't pay better attention to the board with the names of the riders and horses. Also the listing said the event started at 3:30 but the main event didn't start until much later in the afternoon which was a shame because I had stayed so long I had to leave before the end of the main event.