Saturday, October 11, 2014

CIC1 Cross Country at the Woodside International Horse Trials October 3-5, 2014

1st place
Frankie Thieriot riding Chatwin

2nd place
Ruth Bley riding Rodrigue Du Granit

3rd place
James Atkinson riding Landonn II OHF, owned by Dan Michaels

4th place
Nikki Ayers riding Rubicon owned by Andree Stow

5th place
Madison Temkin riding Kingslee owned by Geriann Henderson

6th place
David Adamo riding La Patrona, owned by Ann Patton

7th place
Sophie Dixon-Sutton riding Cursive, owned by Rebecca Dixon

8th place
Kristen Merala riding Tiki Tiki Tumbo

9th place
Erin Kellerhouse riding Tiz When

10th place
Gigi Herron riding Insatiable Casanova

11th place
Gina Miles and Contalli Di Revel

12th place
Amber Levine riding Carry On

13th place
Ruth Bley riding Silver Sage

14th place
Maddy Mazzola riding Catch Me If You Can IV

15th place
Ashlynn Meuchel riding Tatiana

16th place
Leigh Mesher riding Revolutionist

17th place
Katarina Wulstein riding Tenakee Inlet

18th place
Kelcie Rosendahl riding Merry

19th place
Sophie Hulme riding Gorsehill Belle

20th place
Katelyn Grubich riding Kaptain Jak

21st place
Christiana Rosenblatt riding Toukoutou

22nd place
Whitney Tucker riding Chavez Ravine

Open Intermediate Cross Country at the Woodside International Horse Trials October 3-5, 2014

Open Intermediate

1st place 

Maris Burns riding Tullamore

2nd place

Amy West riding Whirlwind WF

3rd place 

Anni Grandia riding Chaos

4th place 

Regal Promise ridden by Derek di Grazia and owned by
Addison Johnson

5th place

Jeanine Allred riding Snap Decision II (CH) 
owned by Laurie Allred

6th place

Erin Murphy riding Athlone Travel On
 owned by Daniel Murphy

7th place

 Kate Miller riding Gordon Biersch

8th place 

Kelsey Devoille riding Helium Risin' 
owned by Maris Burns

9th place

Anna Stein riding Zaboomafoo